Primary Education Sessions

We are determined to help our students understand any subject matter that may be a source of frustration. Our areas of specialization at the primary level are:

  • Slow learners remedial Tutoring
  • Reading Tutoring
  • Mathematics Tutoring
  • CPEA projects (individual or in groups)

Secondary Education Sessions

We provide the support needed to keep abreast with the fast pace of the secondary school system. We specialize

  • CXC Mathematics Tutoring
  • CXC English Language Tutoring
  • ALL SBA’s
  • Information technology
  • Assistance in any other subject area can be provided

Tertiary Education Sessions

Higher education does not have to be the source of agony and woe. At Straight A’s we have qualified persons who have been through the rigors of university life and have excelled. They will gladly partner with you to achieve your academic goals.

  • Essay writing
  • Citations
  • Research projects
  • IT Projects
  • General Assignment Assistance in Science related fields as well as Arts and Humanities courses.

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